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I’ve found a channel that has started not even 6 months ago and found a very clever way to focus on evergreen topics that are currently extremely trending again. The videos are high quality, but are posted about once a week. Because you can still go either way with the topics, you can definitely increase the upload frequency. Just make sure that the quality of your video and content of your script is of a high level, because as you will see, the competition channel also makes very good videos. One of the videos has already achieved more than multiple millions of views in just a couple of weeks, so this shows extreme potential for the niche.

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1. Do I need experience with faceless YouTube channels?

We have created these Private DFY Niches especially for people who are stuck finding the right niche. And most people who get stuck on this, are beginners. So the only experience you need is to know the basics around faceless YouTube channels, for example: How to create a YouTube channel, how to upload a video, etc.

To be a little more specific: You probably know how to do this because otherwise you probably wouldn't know what a niche was and you wouldn't be on this website

2. Will I get a lot of competition if I buy your niches?

No. We ensure that we have a limit of 4 buyers per private niche. This allows everyone to have a great success rate with the purchased niche. Once a niche has been purchased 4 times, the niche is put away for good and no one can see it anymore.

3. Will I get guaranteed results?

Please run away from anyone who promises you guaranteed success with YouTube because you're probably going to get scammed. YouTube's algorithm depends on so many factors that even when you do everything perfectly, there is still no guarantee. We have seen, started and tested with thousands of channels. With A/B testing we saw one channel going viral where the other one, with the exact same content, didn't do anything.

Long story short, the honest story is that there are no guarantees. But your chance of succeeding with Faceless Niches will increase big time because 90% of people struggle to find the right niche or start in the wrong niche and give up. With a private niche from Faceless Niches, you buy yourself an untapped YouTube automation niche which will raise your success rate by 90%.

Take a look at the results from our members to see what's possible.

4. Can I start immediately?

Yes! Your niche will be available in your Faceless Niches account immediately.

5. What payment methods does Faceless Niches accept?

Faceless Niches accepts the following payment methods.

• Visa
• Mastercard
• American Express
• Discover
• Diner's Club
• China UnionPay
• PayPal
• Apple Pay
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• Klarna (Afterpay)
• iDeal
• Bancontact

We only accept payments in euro's. Ask your bank or payment method if there are any fees.